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One Park. One Photographer. One Couch. One Chair. Two Assistants. Three Lenses. Fifteen Families. Infinite Red Bull. Let’s do this! The big Power Hour Mini Session Weekend is coming quickly! Are you ready? Trying desperately to find that perfect set of clothes? Bribing your children to be on your best behavior? Praying that no one gets a black eye? Trust me. You are not alone. Let me give you some tips for a great mini session! Also, if you haven’t read the 10 Reasons Why Family Photography Is Hard, you should! But, before you do that….

5 Things To Keep Things In Mind for Power Hour!

5. Be relaxed!

Take a breath. Have a glass of wine. It’s going to be awesome. The best photos and moments come from families who are relaxed and not stressed out. I’m a father of three highly energetic, somewhat psychotic children. I get it. Still, when you’re on site during the shoot, leave it at the door! Yelling at the kids is just going to make it worse and if they start crying, they will look like they have been crying in the photos. Let’s try to avoid this if possible!

4. Be a little early if possible!

At the time of writing this article, we have 15 shoots to do. They are stacked one on top of the other. Being 15 or more minutes late is going to significantly impact how much we can create with you. In a normal session, it’s not a big deal, we just shoot until we’re done. In this case, out of respect for the next family, we will need to follow the schedule pretty closely. Please, please be on time!

3. Be ready to move quick!

We have an hour! We have a lot to do! We’re going to try move as fast as humanly possible. I will be moving quick and talking fast. I’d advise a cup of coffee.:)

2. Be ready to be real!

No fake smiles! The pictures that look best show a family just being themselves! No pretense, no goofy pasted on smile, no stiffness. Nope, nope, nope! Be ready to laugh! Be ready to be goofy! Be ready to be you! I want you to look back on these photos 10 years from now and go: “Yes, that’s exactly who I was then!” If you are a more chill person, that’s totally awesome too! Be who you are! I will help with posing, placement, lighting, and all that! I just need you to bring the awesomeness!

1. Be ready to have fun!

And fun we will absolutely have! We are going to play! We are going to laugh! I’m going to high five your kids! I’m going to make fart noises and elephant noises! I’m going to be make jokes! It’s going to be a blast! We’re going to make some cool stuff, and have fun doing it!

Location: Quail Ridge Park


Saturday, November 14th

9:30 – Robin

10:30 – Bonoras

11:30 – Erin’s family

1:30 – Heather’s Family

2:30 – Kristin’s Family

3:30 – Gilbert Family

4:30 – Amanda Thiele

Sunday, November 15th

8:30 – Trotter Familiy

10:30 – Kerry Family

2:30 – Josh McCreary

3:30 – Murphy Family

4:30 – The Worleys.:)

Didn’t take advantage of the mini session? Want to know before anyone else? Fill this bad boy out!

David Composite-1

I love this dude. He’s a cellist. He’s photogenic. He has the highest K/D ratio of anyone I know. On the weekends, he spends his time helping out the kids ministry. My kids love him. Not only is he awesome, but his whole family is awesome. All of ’em serving other people selflessly and tirelessly. When I was asked to photograph David, I was glad to. He’s my friend and I hope to spend many years raiding Destiny end game content.

For his shoot, we had a bit of a rain delay, forcing us to shoot the following day. It ended up being perfect. We had AMAZING light. As a photographer, an awesome sky is like filet mignon after a long day’s work. It was beautiful and perfect and awesome and fantastic and great and woot woot! In the secret gamer language, FTW! For the win!:)




Woot! Woot! More cool light, more awesome people to more awesome stuff! I met Jason in the Good People Networking Group. A bunch of like minded business professionals getting together and helping out each other. It’s almost like Church for business people. If you are interested, you should let me know! So, these guys were great. Kids were great. In laws were great. The parents were great! We planned to shoot at Indian Camp Creek, and shoot we did! Super, super, super bright in the main park so we headed down to the creek! Super glad we did. Everything came together perfect. Beautiful light and an awesome family. Check out the shots below!


So, these guys are awesome. Very good friends with one of my wedding couples (Ryan and Crystal Whaaaddduuuup!) from a few years ago. I had actually sat with Adam and Brittany during dinner at  Ryan and Crystal’s wedding reception. I feel like Darth Vader is in my ear saying “Adam, Brittany, Steve. You have come full circle.” Fast forward to now and we’re rocking and rolling their engagement session! And rock it we did! Adam and Brittany scouted Lindenwood and had some great spots picked out. We simply scheduled it during some cool light and BOOM! Check out the photos below!:)



Adam & Brittany Tower


Engagement session time! This time at the ZOO! Home of the polar bear, penguins, and the SEA LIONS! Oh my gosh, I had never been to this exhibit before. Didn’t even know there was this AWESOME underground tunnel. Just have to say a big thank you to Amanda and Brandon for suggesting we shoot here. So, the big question was, HOW do we shoot there? This place is going to be PACKED with people! It’s the St. Louis Zoo!! Like every engagement session, if there is the will, there is a way!

We figured that going during the week would be our best bet. The weekend would be too crazy. We picked Friday and headed out! Field trips. We forgot out field trips. Lots and lots of kids there. Though, I do have to say, everyone was super cool. People saw what we were doing and were happy to give us some space. Now if only the sea lion was that obliging. Took a happy dance with a white umbrella to get the sea lion to jam with us. Don’t know who was more entertained: Me, the sea lion, Brandon and Amanda, or the 50 people watching.:)

Brandon & Amanda - SA3 Studios - Engagement Photography

Rocking and rolling at the Zoo and Forest Park with Brandon & Amanda! Elephants, Sea Lions, and Penguins - OH MY!