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The LaRose Fund Raiser

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

To donate is as simple as ordering the print! Log in, click on the image below, and order however much you’d like to donate!. The two options are $10 “Signed Print” and the $250 Photo Session. If you’d like to donate an amount other than $10, just order as many “prints” as you’d like to buy to donate that amount to the family! Simply follow the on-site instructions to complete your order and you’ll have successfully donated to the LaRose family!


1. I want to donate more than $10, but less than the $250 for the photo shoot. How do I do that?

No problem! Just order multiples of the $10 perk and you’ll be able to donate the amount that you want!

2. I don’t want to give money, I want to give items! How do I do that?

Simple, either reach out to us on the site to set up a drop off time or head over to the Mayor’s office to drop off your item!



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