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Forest Park, Arch and Boats – Engagement Couple Location Shoot


What do the St. Louis Arch, The Muny and the Boathouse in Forest Park all have in common?  They were all the locations that provided the perfect setting for an afternoon engagement shoot for Sharita and Rodney!  This was a day of capturing the love and sass of this couple in some of the most iconic settings St. Louis has to offer.


First, let me just take this moment to announce that on any given day, downtown St. Louis is a very bustling place.  And, like all busy cities there seems to be constant renovation and construction projects that can wreak all kinds of havoc in a perfect plan for a shoot.  Today was no exception.  We arrived downtown and we felt safe parking a little further away from the Arch and walking to The Gateway to the West for our first location.  After trekking what felt like half the city, we arrived at the base of the Arch only to learn the Fairgrounds directly below the Arch were closed for construction!  Bummer, to say the least.  So, we began the trek back up and met up with Sharita and Rodney a short distance from the Arch.  Sharita walked up and looked like she had just stepped out of a spring fashion magazine in a beautiful white flowing dress with Rodney at her side looking dapper as ever.  We found a spot in front of the old St. Louis Courthouse and Bam! the Arch was directly behind them glowing and providing the perfect frame for the first of many incredible shots.


After our Arch shot we all decided to head down to The Muny in Forest Park.  Our lovebirds had used greater wisdom than we and parked right next to the Courthouse.  We told them it would take us an extra minute to arrive at the Muny since we had to trek back over the Sierras to get back to our car.  However, our new friends offered to bundle us into their sedan, gear and all, and drive us to our car.  Hallelujah!  Oh, but I forgot to mention that they were also transporting the bride’s mother and matron of honor!  We all squeezed in and hilarity ensued as we took a super cozy ride back to our car.  After we all piled out of their car like a Shriner’s clown car it was off to The Muny.


We arrived at The Muny and immediately started to admire the perfect combination of Sharita and Rodney’s timeless outfits and the classical setting of pillars, fountains, and green grass before us.  In no time at all we were capturing countless shots of beauty, serenity and love with no boundaries.  The location offered several opportunities for them to get lost in each other’s eyes, share private little jokes and feel like the world was laid out only for them.

Our last stop was The Boathouse in Forest Park.  Sharita and Rodney had changed in more casual outfits that looked like they were meant to be worn in a lake setting.  The yellows they chose accentuated the green of the trees, provided perfect contrast with the water and just gave off the aura of summer and relaxation.


Finally, our couple had one last flair of personality and love of our great city as they changed into their St. Louis Cardinals jerseys and we captured the Bird Nation fever that seems to grip every resident of St. Louis!  All in all this was a blast to shoot and the locations were so reflective of the love that Sharita and Rodney have for each other and the city they fell in love in!


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