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Fireworks Wedding Pictures – Jamey & Sara Wedding!


Smoke Bomb Wedding Photos – Jamey & Sara ROCKED it!

The bearded wonder! I’ve been taking lessons from this guy. From grooming to beard oil to shaping. So, just a heads up everyone, epic beard incoming! And, yes, there will be selfies. 🙂 So, anyway, this wedding was awesome.  Jamey and Sarah did things a little differently. They were actually married about a week before in Florida! So, we actually hit the ground running with the portraits and then the reception.

The wedding portraits started off at Bee Tree Park and I am super glad we got there when we did. About 30 minutes in, about 100 to 200 students showed up taking pictures at the park. I think it was a prom, but it definitely did limit what we had going on! Also, we had smoke bombs. (Yep, they let me play with incendiary objects on a wedding day!) I thought we were going to get nailed! Fortunately, we timed the smoke bombs between park ranger visits and nailed some pretty epic shots. Definitely a fun thing to do, and I cannot wait to buy more. We did learn a tip. Buy the smoke bombs that produce smoke without fire (cool burning). It’s safer, no embers, and they won’t burn holes in dresses… 🙂

As a side note: If you are a photographer and you are reading this, ALWAYS respect the property. Make sure you don’t leave stains or trash on any of the property. Don’t ruin it for us. 🙂

Wedding reception was a blast.

This was actually my first time shooting in this Andre’s location. Normally, I hit the one in Fenton. I was pretty impressed. Staff was on top of things, food was good, solid uplighting, and even a tungsten spot on the head table. Everything was smooth and on point. DJ did a great job, very personable and awesome. First dances were enough to make everyone in the room tear up a bit. Super sweet. Probably the coolest dude in the room though was this little guy, couldn’t have been more than 8 or 9 years old. Gave a speech that made the whole room give a collective “Aaaaaaw!”. About an hour later, he requested to do the Nae Nae. Let’s just say his whip was on point!

When it rains on the wedding day…

So, we also planned to do some more smoke bombs and sparkler photos after the ceremony. Alas, it wasn’t to be. Rain. Would have ruined her dress, my camera, and the silly fireworks. Buuuuut, we had a backup plan. Let’s just do it later in the week! A promise is a promise. I said we’d do sparkler photos. We did sparkler photos! Check them out below! Woot woot!

I cannot express in words how much fun I had at this wedding. Jamey and Sara are fantastic with big ol’ hearts. They took care of me just as much as I took care of them. Definitely made some friends for life here!

St. Louis Wedding Vendors for Jamey and Sara:

Venue: Andre’s West

Transportation: FunTyme Limosuine

Shoot Location: Bee Tree Park

Smoke Bombs: American Firework Stands

DJ: Nathan from Complete DJs

Cake: Harter Bakery

Flowers: 337 by LaRoserie



Hmmmmmmm! Foooooood! Hmmmmmm! Cake! Harter Bakery killed it!


Jamey & Sara got married inFlorida a week prior so a lot of their details were beach flavored!


These are just some of my favorite little candid moments!


And now we have smoke bombs! Woot woot! BOOM! But, no boom, cause they’re smoke bombs.


Yep. This is why we did smoke bombs. My favorite photo of the whole wedding is this 2×1 Pano!


Here’s that little dude that did a speech!


“Do not get cake in my beard. Seriously. Do not get cake in my beard. I mean it!”


Here are the images of the after wedding, wedding shoot! More smoke and a sunset!


And now fire! FIIIIIIIREEEEE! LET YOUR GORGEOUS LIGHT RAIN DOWN ON ME! I mean, cough, cool photos. 🙂

Here’s a link to the full gallery!



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