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Jamey & Sara – The Story of the Bald Wentzville Mayor


The LaRose Fundraiser




 ITEMS AND SERVICES: $1000ish   

CASH & GC’S: $1775

NEWS UPDATE: So, the fundraiser caught the attention of the “Real Rock” Terbrock and Dennis “The Dunnster” Dunn and their talk show on 1280 KYRO! On Monday night, we were invited onto their show to talk about the LaRose Family, the fundraiser, and what everyone can do to get plugged in. First, let me say thank you to their team and a giant thank you to The Dunnster who first invited us! We will be back on the show Saturday, the 24th at 9am to talk more! Also, the fundraiser has been extended to January 1st! We want to do all we can for this family and with the radio stations’ help, I think we can far exceed any hope, wish, or goal that we originally had! GOD IS GOOD!


Hello! Thank you for coming! Thank you for your heart to help out! At some point, everyone needs a hand up, not a hand-out, but a hand-UP! Let me tell you the story of Jamey & Sara, one of the coolest wedding couples I have ever had the pleasure of calling clients, and now, friends.


What’s up with the LaRose Family?

This is them. A typical hard working, lower middle-class family unit.  They are sweet, loving, and are always the first people I know to help someone out. They live in a modest home and find their greatest pleasures being surrounded by a cozy fire and good friends. It’s probably no different than any other family here in St. Charles county. Just change the names and faces, and it’s all our stories. What this smiling photo isn’t showing you is Jamey’s pain. Behind those rosy cheeks and ear to ear grin, lies a medical history that would make even the most hardened individual cringe in sympathy pains.

Jamey has broken his neck. It’s a miracle he’s still walking. This happened in a freak roller coaster accident when he was a much younger man. Due to this injury (and if you know anyone that deals with chronic neck/back issues), he has dealt with severe pain his whole life. Imagine what life would be like if you had to take into consideration how many hours of pain you’ll be in for actions most people take for granted.  If I do this, it costs me this. Do you want to pick up your kid? That’s 3 hours of  agony. Want to be on your feet all day at work? That’s 4 pain pills and an entire night of excruciatingly painful immobility. This is Jamey’s life.


What’s worse is that his condition is degenerative. It’s just going to get worse. Him being able to work and provide for his family is out of the question. Heck, him being able to hold his new baby is out of the question for most days. As a family, they’re doing what they can. They’ve reached out to friends for help. They’ve started the process of getting disability. Sara, his unbelievably awesome wife, has her own slew of health concerns as well. Yet, she’s stepping up to the plate and working two jobs to make ends meet. It’s tough. Credit cards are maxed out. More month than money. Relief is years away and the hole keeps getting bigger.


So, if you’ve stuck with me this far, thank you. If you can empathize with the situation this family finds themselves in, thank you. It’s Christmas time. It’s sad to see a family that has done everything “right” go through so much. They have worked hard, made great choices, and kept their spirits up despite kicked in the face repeatedly by this thing called life. What can we do to help? Well, we can shave some heads! My amazing wife, Ashley Alejandro, has reached out to the Mayor of Wentzville and asked if there was anything he could do to help. He has graciously offered his head of hair to the cause! 

What can you do to help?

We need anything that can help this family! Diapers, food, meals, money, high-fives, hugs, a night off for the parents, anything you can possibly think of to bless this family! If we can do these things by the 20th of December, which is in about two weeks, the below happen. I will Facebook Live the event as it goes down!

• If we raise $2000, Mayor Nick will shave his head.

• If we raise $2000 in donations of any kind, my gorgeous wife, Ashley, will shave her head! Don’t worry, she’s hot when she’s bald! She definitely can rock the do!

• If we meet both, I will shave my head. Yes. I have probably 2 feet of hair. It’s longer than any other guy you know and longer than most girls I know!

Perks to Donating

Also, we have some perks! I know it’s always nice to have some incentives to help make it easier!

• Any donation, cash or items, valuing $10 or more will receive a signed photograph of the LaRose family. This is a great way to be reminded that you impacted a family when they needed it most. Also, a GREAT way to show your kids how to be there for one another. This image will be a constant reminder of how awesome it feels to give.

• Any donation of $250 or more (cash or items), will receive a Free Photo Session courtesy of SA3 Studios. Reach out to us to schedule the shoot!

• We will make a video with the family at the end of the fundraiser, and they will personally thank as many people as we have names to thank! We will then share this on social media!

Physical donations can be dropped off at the Mayor’s office or be coordinated through Ashley or me. Please feel free to email Ashley at to set it up! Also, we love Facebook, so feel free to add us on there: Ashley Alejandro and Steve Alejandro.

If you donate cash or items at the Mayor’s office, and you are interested in a perk, please leave your information with them with how to contact you! If you’d like to donate through Paypal, please click on the photo below to be taken to the donation page!


Click the image for the donation gallery! It’s as easy as ordering a print!

Also, remember you can always donate in person or at the Mayor’s office!