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Josh and TiAnna – Tower Grove Engagement Photos


Tower Grove Engagement Photos

Josh & TiAnna

Harmony.  That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of this incredible couple.  Josh and TiAnna are two birds that the winds of love, joy and strength blew together. This set of Tower Grove engagement photos are a fantastic combination of classic moments, impromptu fun, and timeless beauty.

Tower Grove Engagement Photos

As always, there are no perfect situations, only perfect plans.  The original location for this shoot was to be the Missouri Botanical Gardens but as we arrived they were closing.  Boo.  However, since we were in the heart of St. Louis, what better place to go then Tower Grove park to capture the city spirit of this couple?  We arrived at Tower Grove Park and we were looking at fields of tiny wildflowers, a picture perfect sky, and the sounds of spring all around us.  Gotta love it when the backup plan trumps the original plan!

We started unloading our gear and like a scene from a movie our couple comes into view.  Wow.  TiAnna was in an Audrey Hepburn inspired dress with the most adorable heels and beautiful soft curled locks.  Josh was proudly at her side in sharp threads and looking like the happiest man on the earth.  With so much beauty, personality and charm in front of us our job just got a lot more exciting.  Tower Grove Park offers picturesque settings with stone fountains,  ancient looking stone structures, benches and the blooms of spring.  Our fun loving couple brought an umbrella that perfectly matched the outfits they had chosen and we decided to create some timeless images of spring love.  It was if we had all become part of a dream sequence in a Cary Grant movie.  The love, the giggles. the stolen kisses behind the umbrella and the sense of time standing still enveloped the atmosphere and the magic was caught forever.

Starbucks at Night! Sure, why not!?

After we finished at Tower Grove Park we learned that our lovebirds were coffee lovers!  Since we are coffee lovers to the extreme as well this was the perfect recipe for some impromptu fun.  After Josh and TiAnna changed into their casual outfits consisting of nice jeans and black Mr. and Mrs. tee shirts we were off adventuring for the perfect coffee location.  Low and behold, in the very near vicinity a Starbuck’s offered everything we could hope for in an outdoor cafe vibe and we unloaded a vintage chair that looks like it was taken from Marie Antoinette’s summer house.  We found the perfect tree to place it under and we began capturing images of Josh and TiAnna holding matching coffee mugs, and posing like the royal couple they certainly embodied.  After a few more impromptu fun shots we were ready to call it a wrap.

This shoot was the perfect example of the harmony that is one of the deepest roots of love between two people.  Josh and TiAnna are each so incredibly unique but they bring out the beauty and love in each other that is the stuff the greatest love stories are made of.  We all had a blast and we are so excited to see even more amazing images at the wedding!

Here are some of our Tower Grove engagement photos from the shoot below!

Click here for the full gallery!

Tower Grove Engagement PhotosTower Grove Engagement PhotosTower Grove Engagement PhotosTower Grove Engagement PhotosTower Grove Engagement PhotosTower Grove Engagement PhotosTower Grove Engagement Photos



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