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Captain Noah – Superhero Personality Family Shoot


Superhero Photo Shoot

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  Is it some guy in a bodysuit shooting sticky webs all over the city?  Nope.  You are about to meet the one and only Noah and a superhero photo shoot! Superheroes are among us and Noah here certainly fits the bill.  This was an amazing shoot that Noah’s mom Kathy wanted to do for her little superhero and boy is this kid as tough as any Marvel character!  Costumes, epic poses and tons of smiles and laughs, this was a day to remember!


Every SuperHero has an Origin Story…

Just like every great hero saga, we need a little backstory here.  Noah is a 9 year old boy who loves superheroes, playing video games on his Nintendo Wii and just generally being awesome.  However, Noah’s life wasn’t always so wonderful.  Noah was born in Africa and he faced some serious health challenges from minute one as he was born with Sickle Cell Anemia and has an incredibly tiny airway that makes just breathing a lot of work.  His mom Kathy worked with children’s houses and met little Noah when he was 2 and instantly loved him.  She adopted him and brought him back to the United States where he has received many, many medical procedures and still faces many more.  Noah now has a trach to help him breathe but his airway is only 4 cm wide so he gets wiped out pretty quickly.  Even in spite of all of these challenges Noah NEVER stops smiling and his joy is absolutely contagious!


The shoot was awesome!

When we arrived at the shoot on Main Street in St. Charles we were greeted by Noah and his mother sitting at the pavilion enjoying the cool morning weather.  Noah was eager to meet us and Kathy was excited to see Noah get to strut his stuff for us!  We headed down to the Foundry at the end of Main Street and prepared to meet the first of Noah’s superhero alter-egos!  After a quick change in mom’s car (unfortunately there were no phone booths available) we found ourselves face-to-face with Captain America!!!  As we scouted the perfect backdrop for Cap, we got set up and immediately Noah was showing us his best hero poses!


Falcon Composite Time!

Once we had captured all of Noah’s inner Captain America we were next greeted by Cap’s best friend and right-hand man, Falcon!  His personality and confidence took a front seat and we were ready to resume the fun!  At the same location at the Foundry we found ourselves feeling like we had all been transported to the backstreets of Brooklyn where Captain America and Falcon would be sharing a bacon cheeseburger after saving the world.  Can’t beat that for a super-hero shoot!


Wrapping it up!

By this time, Noah was feeling pretty tired from his Sickle Cell and having so much fun.  We packed up, had tons of high fives all around and said our goodbyes knowing that Noah would forever be in our hearts.  And as we drove away, the credits started rolling and everyone disappeared into the sunset. Well, maybe not since it was lunch time, but hey, this is a superhero ending!

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